Dealing with Chronic Pain of the Foot and Ankle

Chronic pain of the foot and ankle can be debilitating. It causes us depression and lack of activity and it makes it so we don’t even enjoy life at times. Chronic pain can be from injuries, arthritis, neuropathy and many other things. Pain meds can help but no one ever wants to take narcotics on a daily basis, so what else is out there?

Chronic pain is defined as pain that has lasted longer than three to six months, or pain beyond the expected healing period. After dealing with your pain for so long you start to become accustomed to it. You limp, you stop exercising, and over time your quality of life deteriorates.

Pain affects everyone differently. Some days are good, while others are bad. The pain can occur in joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, or even nerve pain. Some pain is even from autoimmune diseases.

At Elite Foot & Ankle we try to avoid just handing out prescriptions for pills, we try to use things that help retarget the pain response of the body which in turn, can actually lead to shutting down the pain signal and helping to alleviate the pain, not just mask it.

One way we do this is with H-wave. H-wave is a safe, effective, drug-free treatment for acute and chronic pain. H-wave is a unique electronic stimulation device that safely and effectively helps your body address the underlying issues that cause or accompany pain.

H-wave is different from a TENS unit. H-wave has a low and high frequency. Low frequency promotes active recovery and rehabilitation by increasing blood flow and helping the body rid itself of the protein and wastes that are often at the root of disability. High frequency breaks the chronic pain cycle by inhibiting the function of the sodium channel within the nerve.

For more than 30 years, H-wave has been helping people. 79% of users shows improved functional capacity. 78% had significant pain relief, and 65% reduced their need for pain medication.

H-wave can be used in 30 or 60 minute treatments. These treatments can provide hours or days of relief and sometimes eliminate pain. It’s great for post-op surgical pain as well.

At Elite we offer H-wave for our patients. Whether for post-op pain control, healing after an injury or for chronic pain, we have have you covered. H-wave therapy can be performed in our offices by our trained staff. Treatments can be daily or weekly and we charge a $1 a minute. Or you can rent the device for $400/month and use it as you like. That’s it, help stop your pain for only $30-60 a week.

What’s your quality of life worth? Wouldn’t it be great to be pain-free, and have it cost only $30-60 week vs. more pain medications? Call us today at (503) 668-5210 and get your pain under control.

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