Ingrown Toenails

There are few things in this world that are more annoying than an ingrown toenail. You can’t touch it, put a shoe on, or even look at it without feeling sharp pain. Luckily they are easy to diagnose and treat! With a 30 min appointment (or less) you can say goodbye to your ingrown toenail forever.

Am I cutting the nail wrong?

A common misconception about ingrown toenails is that you are the cause of the suffering that is an ingrown toenail. Ingrown toenails are multifactorial; that’s fancy doctor talk stating that there are a number of things that contribute to your ingrown nail. It could be from cutting the nail too short, wearing shoes too tight (I’m looking at you, stilettos & Ballet Pointe shoes), the way you naturally walk, and in some instances, you can just thank your parents for the awesome genes they provided you.

4 Tips to Avoid Ingrown Toenails

Like stated above, sometimes you can’t avoid them. But here are 4 tips on minimizing your risk of developing an ingrown toenail:
1- Don’t cut the nails too short. More specific, don’t chase the corners of your nails farther back than what is readily visible.
2- Don’t wear those shoes that are too tight, especially when doing exercises like running or plyometrics.
3- Let those toes spread out and stay comfortable.
4- If you think you feel one coming on, decrease your weightbearing activity and soak with warm water with some Epsom salt. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

….And if that doesn’t work??

We know you love watching shows like Toe Bro and My Feet are Killing Me! But remember, those are not produced for DIYers looking to do some bathroom surgery. If the ingrown nail is causing you some pain, come on in for an evaluation. Sometimes we can avoid a procedure altogether. But if not, our skilled doctors will get you numbed up and fixed up in no time.

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