Cash pay patients:

New patient: $250
Established patient: $150
X-ray: $50 per foot

Cash pay Services not covered by insurance:

Shock Wave Treatment:
$500 for 5 treatments
Beaverton, Sandy & Portland locations only
Laser Treatments:
Laser Treatments for pain: $65 per session (most pain is treated with an average of 6 treatments)
Laser treatment for nail fungus: $250 for first nail, $75 for each additional nail (includes whole treatment course)
Beaverton, Sandy, & Portland locations only

House Call

$65 travel fee + copay and coinsurance.

Foot Care:

$65 for callus and nail (plus office visit if applicable)
*most repeat patients will only pay $65 if there are no new problems.

Ingrowing Nail:

Matrixectomy (permanent removal): $325 + office visit
Avulsion (temporary removal): $224 + office visit
Onifix: $300

Wart Treatment:

Chemical treatment: $238 + office visit (may require multiple visits, only first visit has an office visit)
Surgical Excision: $238 + office visit


Plantar Fascia: $111 + office visit
Ankle or Subtalar joint: $106 + office visit
Small joint of foot: $135 + office visit
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): $650 + office visit
Amniotic Injection: $1000 + office visit

Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus

$250 first nail, $75 each additional nail (includes whole treatment course)
This includes three treatments once a month for three months.
We also recommend treating the nails between therapy sessions with Tolcylen Antifungal Kit (available for $80 in office)

Vascular Studies/ABI/Sudomotor Test:

ABI: $189 + plus office visit
Sudomotor Scan (neuropathy): $276 + office visit
Ultrasound exam of musculoskeletal anatomy:
$123 + office visit
Custom Orthotics: $600 + office visit

Surgery: Minimally invasive in office surgery, no anesthesia

Exostectomy (bone spur removal): $1,500
Hammertoe repair: $1,500 per toe
Plantar Fasciectomy and spur removal: $2,000
Morton’s Neuroma: $3,000
Metatarsal osteotomy: $2,000
Bunionectomy: $3,500
Amputation of toe: $2,500
Haglund Deformity/Retrocalcaneal spur: $3,000
Heel Pain Package: $1,500 (one PRP injection and 5 shockwave treatments)

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